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Smile Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Krystal Locke wrote: View Post
I will check out a seminar as soon as I can. I will go into it with an open yet always skeptical mind and I will listen and train in good faith. The rest remains to be seen. Or felt. Or experienced. Or something. And then replicated, dissected, analyzed, explained, understood, repeated, challenged and tested again.
Gee, you must be fun on a date Somewhat more seriously, each "date" is an actual event, but is felt by each participant differently. These differences in experience do not negate the fact that a "date" actually happened. Some things may be difficult to put under the "scientific" microscope, though I guess you could measure the various physiological changes taking place in each participant's body (psychological changes? - take a pre-post test maybe?). Might take some of the fun out of the experience and may affect the measuring "fun"??

'Course, I haver never been to one of these IP seminars, except with a brief session with Ikeda Sensei, some time ago, so I cannot speak from direct experience, though I am certainly willing to attend if one comes into my region.

I look forward to hearing Krystal's report on her experience.

In good practice........Jim
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