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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

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Im interested in a martial art I care about not getting muddled in a mess that it's going to take years to shake. I'm not interested in going to some guys seminar and being a jerk.

The only thing the supporters of the IP community continuously offer up is "you have to feel this stuff to get it". Having a feeling about something doesn't make it so. There isn't anything we can objectively look at to show something is happening.

If we are trying to prove something, either scientifically or philosophically, the burden of proof is with the person claiming the positive result. So if you claim something exists that burden is with you. Now if you ask one of the experts with in the IP world to prove their positive, they don't, why? If you ask one of the supporters, they don't offer any proof, because they say they don't have IT. So the Experts aren't in the business of proving what they do, and the supporters can't do it because they don't know how. No one claiming a positive is showing anything.

So, you don't care if there is anything to "IP", you just like doing it. I get it.
Can you solve a calculus problem without knowing the rules of calculus? Can you describe how it feels to keep your balance while riding a bicycle to someone who has never experienced it? As a newbie to martial arts, can you see what your seniors are doing right or wrong when the move?

Once you have experience, can you see how to solve a calculus problem or when someone is doing it wrong? After riding a bicycle can you discuss with others how to it feels to have that balance in different situations? After some martial arts experience can you see what makes a technique work or not? For all of these, requisite experience is required before you can see, comment or understand. Why would this not be the case when one is discusing a rather esoteric subject like IP, where the knowledge out there is limited?

Now anecdotal evidence is not persuasive, but when you get volumes of it, then it is a point worth considering. Not to rely on argument by authority, but even when experienced people see value in it and have reputations on the line and say the same thing, one may be persauded that there is something to the story.

If you poke around on aikiweb enough through the archives on here and elsewhere, yes you will find studies of IS people being hooked up to machines, yes you will find that some of the guys giving seminars out there have been hooked up to machines, yes you will find stories of kienseology (horrible spelling there) profs attending classes and saying this doesn't conform to our normal understanding of the body, yes you will find various people with MMA/BJJ/Judo/KB competition records feeling these guys and saying its something fundamentally different, and you will find accounts from plenty of naysayers of "oops I was wrong". This has been going on for years and the numbers of links to these discussions in the archives on this board and elsewhere are too large to repeat.
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