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Re: So how is your dojo doing?

I cant speak as anything other than someone who is in their 5th month, yet as someone who makes a living in sales I see clearly why they drop out. They take their eye off the ball because, well, they had their eye on the wrong ball. I think it's crucial for the Sensei and Senpais to dial in to what lights that individual up. They need to ask what do I need to do or say to connect in the short time I have their attention to this individual What will make them WANT to come 3 times a week get tossed like a sock in the dryer. What will make an individual come in every week with the full knowledge it takes a year for modest proficiency and not quit? What makes a new person stick to Aikido when BJJ and MMA enthusiasts at mock Aikido?

What lights me up about Aikido? It ain't the price but people who don't understand sales think it's always about the price. I could study down the street for $30 a month less but I chose this dojo. Why this dojo? Well on my gut I just clicked with this bunch. They take safety seriously and are very patient. They are also some of the most unpretentious down to earth people who handle their business efficiently on the mat. That's why I chose this dojo. I chose Aikido because The Art of Peace cuts through the BS of life. I dig the whole concept of Budo. I may not give it my best every session. That comes from the fatigue of putting in an 11 hour day of work and commuting, then racing off to class. Yet I really think this is something I'll stick with for a very long time and go at my pace.
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