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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

I am not an internal power guy. I have worked with several who are stepping into that study and I am impressed. From my experience and observation, to the argument of internal power:
1. External and internal structure are different. The old "New York lock" hanmi and the external structure of bones to receive a unidirectional force is not the same thing as what I feel from the internal guys.
2. You do not have to do it. I know plenty of good aikido people out there who are not going to consider training their internal structure.

I am impressed with the stuff that Choate, Ledyard, Gleason, Messisco, Saotome and others I have grabbed. They are doing aikido with internal foundation and it feels devastating. It represents a direction in which I can go that will expand my aikido.

My opinion is that this training is not for everyone. I think there was a reason it phased out of mainstream aikido. I think we are lucky to have people who know and can explain what is going on so aikidoka can reintegrate the curriculum into aikido. To be fair, I am also thankful for the Daito Ryu people and the karate people who are helping to reintegrate other aspects of aikido back into our training.

However, I think this stuff is revolutionary and the haves will begin to outshine the have nots.

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