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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Let's put this in perspective, Chris.

David Orange who trained with Mochizuki went.
Bill Gleason, who trained with Saotome and Yamaguchi went.
Marc Abrams who trained with Imaizumi and Ushiro went.
Chris Li who trained with too many to list went.
Allen Beebe who trained with Shirata went.
George Ledyard who trained with Saotome went.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.

So, now that *you* are going to teach "all the secrets", (which, btw, is completely different than what the above mentioned people are teaching), you expect people to show up? And are insincere if they don't?

You keep arguing that your definition of "aiki" is right and ours is wrong, yet we have people who have spent up to 40 years in the aikido world with direct students (and that's just the ones who are known publicly). These people that have gone out and put their skills on the line (and failed) are less sincere than you because they didn't expect the mountain to come to them but went to the mountain? Really?

I like David's, mine, Bill's, Marc's, Chris', Allen's, George's reason better. Their sincerety in their training pushed them to get out and into an unknown, unfamiliar world and lay their reputations on the line. In the end, they learned, they trained, they adapted ... their sincerity allowed them to become better martial artists.

BTW, David traveled all the way to Massachusetts to put his sincerety on the line.
You calling me an iceberg ? I know I'm fat...but iceberg ????

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