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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
This is really cute.
Is it, now? After I just sent you such a nice PM?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Okay David,
This week, at my Dojo I'm going to teach all the secrets passed down to me by my teachers. If you are sincerer about your desire to learn, you'll be here. After all I'm going to teach all of my secrets. So I'll expect to see you soon right?

Why or why not?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
If you don't end up coming.

Here is the reason you suggest, you are not sincere about your training.

Here is a reason I suggest, it's not that important to you.

Do you like my reason or yours better?

Answer carefully, because I'm going to judge your sincerity in everything you do by your answer...
Don't make me be harsher in public than I was in the PM, Chris. Good grief, you complained about what I was saying in public...such statements as these are what get you such harsh answers.

But to be frank, why would I consider your secrets worth coming across town for?

Has anyone written, "I thought Chris Hein was full of it, but when I met him, I couldn't move him, and with a slight touch, he knocked me back several feet!" don't recall ever hearing anyone report such experiences with you. Plus, I've seen your videos...and I've read what you have to if I had my bicycle back from my ex and I could pedal across town to meet you...I probably wouldn't.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I tell you what, If any of these IP experts, in my state, wish me to come and see them, I'll accept any invitation made in the next three months. Now if they are super sincere they'll want to show me that I am wrong, and try to set me straight. If they don't invite me, they must be completely insincere, right? After all, here I am saying that they aren't right. I'm sure they will be rushing to my doorstep any second. And if they don't, I can write them off as frauds, right? And because of their lack of sincerity, you will know them to be untrue.
Don't forget, Chris, Ueshiba didn't go to people to prove them wrong. He just did his thing and so many people talked about his great power as well as the things he said, that others ran to Uehsiba to prove that they could beat him. Same with Dan. He made "outrageous" statements on forums and people went to him. I was very impressed by Mark Murray's account of meeting Dan briefly and it was as I wrote above: "I couldn't move him and he could hit me hard with almost no movement!"

And it's as Dan and others have often said: if you understand what they're doing, you will be known for unusual power and the word will get around, and people will come to you. Unfortunately, you're sending quite the opposite message about yourself.

So, not to be mean...but... I'm sure it will come off that way...because you've "explained" what Chen Xiao Wang is doing and simplified his seventy years of tai chi development to "a trick."

But I'm also pretty sure it will continue until you meet somebody who really knows the subject and experience in person what you've tried to analyze through video.

Good luck.


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