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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

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So far, I am not convinced there is anything there but good biomechanics.
Of course, it's nothing but good biomechanics. Only problem is that it's a very specific set of biomechanics that you will have a very very hard time (if not impossible) to figure out for yourself. And it is a fundamentally different way of moving than normal movement. So if you say "IP is nothing but good biomechanics." that's technically correct, but also somewhat misleading. There are several mutally exclusive biomechanical models of human movement. If you do not move in an IP fashion, you can improve your biomechanics all you want, you will not develop any IP.

And they seem to be covered up in a lot of vague handwaving about spiralling energy and other inspecific stuff. Tell me something real.
The spiralling energy is real. You can feel it in your body in a way similar you can feel yourself lifting your arm. So for the purpose of learning IP and of describing what it feels like those descriptions are very much real. They correspond to proprioceptive reality.
That may not be 'real' as in 'biomechanically real', i.e. correspond to a scientific model of the body. Although I really would like to have such a model for IP, I don't think you will be able to learn IP based on such a model anymore that you could learn how to ride a bike from a biomechinical description. So the fact that we don't have that scientific model doesn't really bother me in the end.
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