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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

David Orange wrote: View Post
So you're here just trying to intellectually disprove what everyone tells you must be directly experienced?

Pointless and a waste of everyone's time.

Sincerity in anything is sincerity in everything.

If you sincerely believe that your aikido is worth anything, you'll be compelled to go and prove it against these annoying pretenders.

You can say you have nothing to prove, but if that were true, you wouldn't be here trying to prove intellectually what can only be known by direct experience.

Dan's fine and Dan's great, but he's not the end-all, be-all of IP/IS. It's an ancient field that few care enough about to go deeply into. That's always been true.

But if you sincerely want to plumb the depths of aiki, you need to stop talking about it and go and see the real thing.

This is really cute.

Okay David,
This week, at my Dojo I'm going to teach all the secrets passed down to me by my teachers. If you are sincerer about your desire to learn, you'll be here. After all I'm going to teach all of my secrets. So I'll expect to see you soon right?

Why or why not?

If you don't end up coming.

Here is the reason you suggest, you are not sincere about your training.

Here is a reason I suggest, it's not that important to you.

Do you like my reason or yours better?

Answer carefully, because I'm going to judge your sincerity in everything you do by your answer...

I tell you what, If any of these IP experts, in my state, wish me to come and see them, I'll accept any invitation made in the next three months. Now if they are super sincere they'll want to show me that I am wrong, and try to set me straight. If they don't invite me, they must be completely insincere, right? After all, here I am saying that they aren't right. I'm sure they will be rushing to my doorstep any second. And if they don't, I can write them off as frauds, right? And because of their lack of sincerity, you will know them to be untrue.

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