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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

David Orange wrote: View Post
There's still Forrest Chang, and he might be better for your purposes. He hasn't talked much in public, but a lot of people talk about him. He's listed his "stupid jin tricks" that I hope someday to experience. And then there's Mike Sigman and, always, Minoru Akuzawa....

Also, in less than two weeks, William Gleason will be teaching at George Ledyard's dojo in Seattle. He has pure traditional aikido from aikikai hombu, but he has worked the IP/IS into it (or back into it). He would have to be an excellent reference for you.

The opportunities abound.

All it takes is sincere effort.

The problem David, if you read above, I'm not sincerely interested. I don't think there is anything of interest. I'm mostly just annoyed. I would go to a Dan Harden seminar, if Dan would let me come.

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