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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

David Orange wrote: View Post
Why not just go and meet them? They're all over. Forrest Chang is in your state. Dan comes out there. If you're a professional martial artist, it's your duty.

The most interesting thing about this is, my subjective experience (what I feel) is of no consequence with one caveat. If that subjective experience is repeatable and dependable.

"feeling" like something, doesn't make it an objective reality. Getting hit in the face is an objective reality. If I know it or not, I got hit in the face, which did something. I feel like martial arts are something that are objective first and subjective second. So "has to be felt" sounds totally silly to me, with the exception of that caveat I mentioned.

Feeling amazed, or feeling impressed doesn't mean anything happened, I feel amazed all the time just sitting in a chair. I've yet to see anyone show anything that makes me think "Man I've got to feel that". Now sometimes I do get fired up, and sick of hearing things that I don't think are true (like I've been feeling the last few weeks), and I think I should go to a seminar, but mostly my intentions are not good ones, I'm not curious, I'm annoyed. If I ever heard a compelling argument, or found someone in the IP world who I thought was being very genuine and could do some impressive things, I'm sure I would go to a seminar, with a curiousness and good intentions. I don't want to go to a seminar with bad intentions.

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