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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
woo? hey, hunter, are you doing the woo? are we into the woo? is that some sort of party with booze and chicks? because if it is, i am in the woo. is the plural of woo, wii?

if i told you that i have a degree in hard physical science and one of those hard engineering field, would you still think i am into the woo or whatever that is? then again, maybe i am into woo woo. wonder if i can call it woodo, the way of woo.
Phi, you can woo me anytime you want.

I think people would be surprised how many people with an interest in IS have engineering and science degrees and don't think that its anything other than a particular skillset and method of conditioning the body in a certain way. There are also people with kinesiology backgrounds who have looked into IS and been a bit baffled since it doesn't correspond to what they know. To get that sort of reaction out of a kinesiology prof, would probably indicate that this isn't normal athletic movement that top athletes use.
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