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Re: Defining the word "Aiki" and looking at the phenomenon it describes.

Dave de Vos wrote: View Post
But you say you can be non-buckling (centered as you call it) and grounded in any position. To me that sounds a lot like "C". Are you saying you learned to do it in two years? And are you saying it was actually just a couple of tricks and athletic training?
I would not go so far as to say any position at all, but lots of positions where it "seems/appears" that you shouldn't be stable.But you are stable, simply because you've learned to align your body in many different ways. Just because it "seems/appears" as if I shouldn't be physically stable doesn't mean that it's not a result of my physical structure being properly aligned with the ground. I'm saying that I learned the foundation of what I would describe as chinese internal in a few years, teaching me the foundation of how these things work. I am saying that athletic training is the foundation of all body skills. If we are talking about a body skill, the best way to improve that skill is through an athletic training. Trick is a bad word to use because of it's connotation. Principle, or technique work just as well, and don't suggest a mischievous goal.

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