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Krystal Locke
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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Are y'all saying that good body mechanics and the training and experience to move someone into a position in which a portion of their power is transferred through me into the ground and the rest dissipated is insufficient? Must I breathe funny or meditate on heaven and earth inside me, or put my beliefs anywhere but in science and demonstrable reality?

What I see in the videos is someone who is wise to using their bones as braces between their pusher and the nearest planet. I see something very like my early aikido training tricks, where someone would sit in seiza and have the class push on his or her shoulders. Good alignment absorbed a large amount of power, and contact with the elbows redirected and dissipated the rest. It had nothing to do with duelling spirals, in/yo, ki, or love and internal harmony. It had everything to do with physics and mechanics.

Someone is going to have to make the link between the woo I am reading and the reality before I accept a cup of the koolaid.
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