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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

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being strongest? who? CXW (the old chinese guy)? he's like in his 60s and the other big guys are about half his age and huge. CXW could pump irons all day until the day he dies, he won't be anywhere near their strength. folks talked about blending and ki and stuffs. that's what blending is about. you blend with the other person power and use it and redirect it as your own. it's a way to show that it's not about timing or put yourself in favorable position by moving somewhere else and so on.

for some reason folks think that practicing IP is somehow make you super strong. it's not. you are what you are, and what you have. the question here is how you train and how you use it. Ikeda sensei mentioned it here a few times and here
There is a guy I know who has jin, who had a car accident injuring his spine prior to his interest in IS. He is not strong in a coventional sense, and when he uses his muscles he is in a ton of pain. If you push on him, he exerts little strength at all, due to the pain, so something else is doing all the work. I think he also picked this stuff up quicker than most due to the feedback from the pain.
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