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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

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In the first picture, from another demonstration you can most clearly see the arm that is keeping "CXW" from being pushed over. It can again bee seen in the strongman, however the camera guy did a good job with the heavy guy and we really only catch a brief moment of the arm (I had a hard time getting it) In the first video I found of CXW doing this the arm that helps is shown often, but in this strongman video you can't see it very often, it's alway in the back.

I found a few video's of CXW doing this kind of push test, in every example he has his arm in the same place. Is it possible that this is not how he's doing it, absolutely. However if you put your arm in that spot, you can do exactly what he is doing, maybe not quite as well (without some practice), but you can do it too.

While I've heard people sat that this can be done with the arms down I haven't seen any video. If there is video of such a thing I would like to discuss that video.
I'll ask again, Chris. Explain how the arm does what you say it does. How does him having his arm there redirects the force of the push back to the big guy. How does it work?
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