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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
For a group of folk who make claims of being open minded-modern aikido-ka's interest in re-defining things they don't understand and cannot do to fit what THEY do understand and can do doesn't help anyone grow.
If we can't understand a thing we can't practice it. If you could provide clear visual demonstration of what you mean I think this could help greatly. If you don't want to do so for personal reason's I understand.

I see lot's of speculation about what this teach or that teacher might have said, but what we could use is someone who really understands this stuff to show us. I have given example after example, made numerous video's, and spent plenty of my time trying to show what I understand of these things. I would love it if someone with different/greater insight could show some things as well.

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