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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
You are totally correct, maybe he is doing it some other way, but if you try the way I described you can do it too.
I can do it in a way that is not like yours, yet is closer to what CXW is doing, so I'm not interested in trying it in the way you describe.

The way I described also matches what "CXW" is doing.
You say it matches what CXW is doing. That's not worth much. I asked you to show that it also matches what CXW says he is doing, but apparently you're not up to the challenge?

If we apply Occam's razor to this (the hypotheses making the fewest assumptions should be selected) we'll find that my explanation makes the most sense.
What hypotheses are we comparing here? To me it now seems that you are stating that your description matches what CXW does, because that's a simpler hypothesis than that it doesn't. Sounds more like a tautology than Occam's razor...
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