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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

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Where is is other arm, the one that is away from the Camera?
on the guy shirt by the waist, actually, looked like he held the guy shirt loosely. look carefully. also, they are chest to chest. also, look at the back muscle of the strong-man dude, it doesn't look like his shoulders pop-up.

btw, your force vectors don't add up. try this, stand with each foot on a scale and then try your approach and see if the scale needles don't change.

ok, i am going to repeat stuffs that would make dan laughing his ass off. it seemed to me that you believed many of the IP/IS stuffs are tricks, as in slight of hand sort, that can be easily accomplished. have you considered that there have been many years passed, and lots of folks took your position then they went and challenged these IP/IS folks, only to change their minds and started to take lessons from these folks? quite a few are on aikiweb today. i remembered reading david orange and rob liberti argued with mike sigman and dan endlessly. there were others too. they are in the archive. many these folks have travelled far and wide. they have quite a bit of experiences. and yet they abandoned long hard earned experiences and converted and changed their practice at later stage of their game. and these are folks who aren't some kyu rank noobs. for example, Hiroshi Ikeda sensei. here is a man whose aikido already superb, second in command of ASU, and had nothing to prove to anyone; yet when he met an internal teacher of a different art, he went and reworked his aikido approach. he is just one of the many examples. do you think they all just lost their mind collectively? i meant you can fool one or two, but many with a great deal of skeptical and lots to lose? do you have problem computing such logics?

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