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Re: Training with full hip replacement

Alec Corper wrote: View Post
Hello All,
A brief reply due to the kind interest of all, I have quit using Aikiweb, but received notification of posts so a courtesy visit. My injury is not the result of training. Apparently there is a birth defct which causes both hips to sit shallow in the socket. As a result the left thich bone ahs twisted to the left resulting in constant wear and tear to the point of virtual cartilage disappearance. In all likelihood 35 years of MA has kept me out of surgery rather than leading to it. I will have the op on Dec 3rd and I plan for a 9-12 month full recovery. My advice FWIW, stay light (difficult with ageing), stay flexible (keep training) emphasis lower body movement over upper body strength, and connect your body with good IS/IP skills.
travel straight, Alec
Good luck with the operation Alec.

i hope to see you soon back
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