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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Joep Schuurkes wrote: View Post
As I said earlier, the fact that you know a way with which you can reproduce the demonstration(*) does not mean that CXW does it that way.
You are totally correct, maybe he is doing it some other way, but if you try the way I described you can do it too. The way I described also matches what "CXW" is doing. If we apply Occam's razor to this (the hypotheses making the fewest assumptions should be selected) we'll find that my explanation makes the most sense.

I have already demonstrated this, and provided a link. Now I did this against someone way smaller, but I also did it standing bolt upright on one foot too. There is no doubt that what CXM is doing is difficult, and probably took some hard practice to learn how to do it against that much force, but it's not a mystical thing, or something that would take a lifetime to master. If it took a year to build up the strength and ability to do this I would be surprised.

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