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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
What is being shown in this video, all be it very well, is a simple demonstration of structure. <snip>

When the strong man pushes into Chen Xiaowang, Chen locks his arm under strongman's arm pit, joining their structures. Every time the strongman pushes he is actually pushing against himself via a very simple redirection done by Chen Xiaowang.

As I said earlier, the fact that you know a way with which you can reproduce the demonstration(*) does not mean that CXW does it that way. So here's an additional challenge to support your case: explain how CXW's explanation of what he is doing (You'll have to find it first, though, if I had a link or something I would provide it.) matches your explanation of what he is doing. I realize that this is a somewhat tricky endavour, but assuming we have two explanations of the same physical 'trick', it should be able to 'translate' one to the other in a meaningful way.

(*) Or think you can reproduce it. It may be possible that your way of doing it suffices in most cases, but not in cases in which the difference in size and muscle is as big as in CXW's demonstration. But let's not go there, because that's a discussion that won't go anywhere meaningful.
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