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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

20:20, and 23:30(where he is holding the guy back one handed) doesn't look anywhere like a locked arm to me. If he was to lock it from that position, you would see a twist in the bigger guy each time he pushed.

So, is CXW floating the big guy? Is he under the big guy? Is he actively pushing back, or passively letting the force bounce off the ground? Is the big guy mostly pushing or trying to rest his weight on CXW? What about CXW? If he is pushing back, where is he pushing back from? Is he resting his weight?

On a sidenote, CXW has relatively inexpensive seminars (though rather short, but fine if you just want to feel what its like) and is usually willing to toss anyone around. Unfortunately the seminar I went to, he did not, because people got upset the previous year. He did give plenty of corrections though, which sadly were not burned into my body.
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