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Re: What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
if he can hit the guy, how is it that he can remove his hand if he needed it? as i said, not the arms.
You're not going to convince him Phi. With Chrisand others it is a forgone conclusion that:
External and internal are the same
All of the internal discussion equates to learned technical based tricks that they already know
Anyone can learn these "moves" in a year or two because it is what "they" know.
The rest is all smoke and mirrors.
You might as well argue over how to ride a bike

I chimed in on the other thread, really for the benefit of others.
Just practice and get better

"Everyone talks
You shugyo
Years go by
People still talking
Then you get up and demonstrate
The everyone knows the truth...."

Words to live by.The only *real* debate left is....words.

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