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What is "IP" discussion of Internal power.

This video was posted by Rober Roeser in a thread discussion involving the definition of Aiki (

Robert Roeser wrote: View Post
Here's a video that has Chen Xiaowang being 'rooted' against a couple of different people - the video is corny, and it's Chinese, but it probably the closest video you'll find to the tenryu/osensei deal.

At 3:28 you can see him getting pushed on by a guy that is around 400 pounds.

At the end of the video is him trying to stay in the a circle getting pushed on by a strongman. Here's a the part where the strongman is pushing a semit-truck with a trailer:

Here's the 3 1 minute rounds start at the end where the strongman tries to push Chen Xiaowang out of the circle.

I don't speak Chinese but I would like to know what the strongman is saying at the end after pushing on CXW.
First off I would like to know, (I believe) the fellow demonstrating in this video is named "Chen Xiaowang", does he have "IP" (internal power)? Does most of the internal power community recognize his having "IP", is he "vetted"?

Second, is this a fair demonstration of, example of "IP"?

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