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Re: Good dojo in Melbourne?

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If you are looking for Melbourne Australia, there are few excellent teachers with a lot of experience, none however are Japanese. Off the top of my head I'd recommend looking at these all of which have close ties to Japanese teachers with visits from senior teachers:

Aiki-Centre (my old dojo in Aus, Sensei Catherine Schnell 6th Dan Yuishinkai) not hombu affiliated.

Shodokan (Sensei Joe Thambu 7th Dan Yoshinkan) again not hombu affiliated (?) but an excellent teacher.

Rensei Dojo (Sensei Barry Night 6th Dan Takemusu Iwama Ryu) Hombu affiliated I think

You will also find Aikikai schools (headquaters in Clifton Hill, but I don't know much about the senseis)
I have a lot of respect for Joe Thambu -
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