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Re: Difficult uke or bad technique?

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

I respectfully disagree with your position on this. A thorough review in the area of Psychology of Learning might open your mind to some other possibilities. If I am trying to "rewire" the person to respond appropriately to stimuli, I seek to keep the person on the border of success and failure with a gross majority of the time, burning in successful movements. That means that the uke really shoulders a lot of responsibility in the role of the teacher. Asking somebody to "muscle through" something simply interferes with proper, effective movements in our art.

The larger issue at hand,is to address the purpose and goals of the uke. If it is not clearly designed to help the nage improve, then the uke is simply acting like the rear-end of a mule.

Marc Abrams
Hi Marc,
I'm not psychologist so I can't comment. I personally don't want to "rewire" anybody, this is a role (if necessary) of the techniques not mine.
The situation is that nage MUST do everything, even "muscle through", to be sure, that whatever he does, his technique is inefficient. He must be convinced by himself, by his own experience not by somebody 'external' - like i.e. instructor. He must repeat this experience many times, to be without any doubt. He has to hit a wall.
Only then, a jump on higher level is possible.


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