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Mario Tobias
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Re: Defining the word "Aiki" and looking at the phenomenon it describes.

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Hey Mario,
I think I get what you're saying. But in what manner does nage use the forces of nature against Uke. Does he use A, B, C, D, or do you have another definition of the phenomenon Nage is using?
It is a variation of D.

A example of a principle of mine is that ALL techniques can be categorized into one of the 3 simple mechanical levers. The resistance is uke's hara, the lever and fulcrums change depending on technique. This applies to ALL techniques even with virtual fulcrums. You as nage are just a tool to fully use the effects of nature.

Another example is making uke's spine deviate away from a perfect upright position to let gravity work for you. Even the smallest deviation has tremendous effect such that nage can do little work to topple uke.
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