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Re: Taichi and IP/IS

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Yes folks who know taiji and IS are rare, so? You sent him on what is all but sure to be a wild goose chase by someone who doesn't know the difference. Just go ask people who teach Chen taiji? What about Yang taiji? Bagua? Xing -I? Xin yi? Yi chuan? Good God man, how was just asking and if they teach standing going to help? Do you have any idea how many people who stand....have no idea what they're doing?
I cautioned him that;
It was not likely to produce good results
2. Why it most likely would not produce good results
3. How to judge if the teacher was teaching
i gave a very specific info. the chance of folks who focus on doing the forms knowing IP/IS is slim and none. the folks, of the chen variety, if they focused on standing and silk reeling, then there might be a better chance that they know about IP/IS. That's pretty specifics. and i did mentioned that they have a better chance over those folks who are form-focus. however, it's still no guaranteed, but at least, it's a better chance. i don't know about the other practices so i couldn't comment on the specific things to look for. there are hidden gems out there, that might surprise folks.

I would certainly be interested in your answer, as other than sliding in jokes and providing a good laugh...I don't see you as adding much benefit to any serious discussion. And I certainly don't slide jabs your way because of it. I just sit back and laugh and appreciate your efforts.

You don't agree that what I said was in fact correct and that people who understand taiji and IS are rare as well?
We don't have to agree, but we can choose to be nice.
i didn't said i didn't agree. it's the delivery method. i was trying to help you to use technology more efficient. i meant why keep typing the same message when you could just copy/paste. you wounded me, on me not adding benefits to serious discussion. i added comedy relief, which often needed, to the discussion. it's like the pause between music scores or the bell rings and the sexy lady walking about with the round board between bouts, not that i claimed to be the sexy lady which would require quite a bit of effort to shave my legs and mustache.

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