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Re: Defining the word "Aiki" and looking at the phenomenon it describes.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
No office but I'm not interested in talking about me. However would like to know more about what you and others think, I shared my experiences as part of a fair trade, to find out more from others.

I would like to discus the definition and phenomena that are attached to any definition of the word "Aiki".

I was hoping to do that as well. Try not to interject statements like
Chris Hein wrote:
I'm saying that what I found, from training with an internal expert was pretty straight forward. Integrating that into your task specific context will, no doubt take some time.

Like a football running back, understanding the theory of what he needs to do is pretty straight forward, he can learn the exercises, drills and methods of training pretty quickly, he won't be a good running back for years to come. But he also won't believe the process is mysterious or that only a few running backs will ever be able to do it.
I saw the usefulness of internal, studied it with an internal expert, got what I found useful and moved on. It does seem magical, at first but once you understand it, nothing that couldn't be basically understood/used in a year or two (in a non task specific context). I would also say that most all professional athletes are basically using internal in relation to their specific skill set. It's part of the reason professional athletes seem so amazing. So I don't understand the way that people around here are using definition "C" and exactly what it is that they are pointing too.
These are declarative statements and would cause people to uncomfortably discuss your source and the quality of the source material that lead you to these conclusions. As I stated, you are going to find others whose experience with "experts" in the internal arts differ quite dramatically from your views. In fact i would offer you that your views on what internals are is quite in the minority or those I have met who trained with Chinese internal experts for years on the mainland

I have every interest and intention of being polite. I think I left enough material for an intelligent response or thoughtful consideration.

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