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Re: Defining the word "Aiki" and looking at the phenomenon it describes.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
... Can the phenomenon it describes be objectively examined? I'm not sure. If it can I would love to see examples.
I'm a bit puzzled. On the one hand you you seem to support version "B" and take a sceptical position towards "C", on the other hand "C" seems to interest you, as you are regularly involved in discussions about IP / IS.
I also note that you and Michael Varin seem to know each other (you mention him here and that you are both from the Aikido Fresno dojo. But reading his posts on AikiWeb, Michael Varin seems to be in the "C" camp. Apparently he even organised a Mike Sigman workshop in your dojo in march 2010 (

Do you and Michael Varin ever talk about this? Did you participate in Mike Sigman's seminar? Of course you don't owe me or anyone else an explanation, but all this does not make sense to me.
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