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desicions, decisions...


First off, welcome to aikido!

You can't get better advice that what's been posted already- the best way to select a dojo is to try each one on. Go watch a class. Go try a class! Follow your gut feeling, and choose the one where you are most comfortable.

Each of the dojos in Columbus has its own strengths and own flavor. I spent about eighteen months training at the Aikido School of Central Ohio, and it was a very positive experience. Garry Bielanski, one of the head instructors, also teaches the Aikido I class at Ohio State (Go Bucks! ). There is some crossover between that class (daytime), and the regular evening students at the dojo. The other two area schools I know only through attending seminars, although their head instructors are well respected (see Chris' post above).

Just my two cents worth

Good luck with your search,


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