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Re: spirtuality in the dojo

Andrew Macdonald wrote: View Post
ok this is kind of a general question

how much spirituality do you see in your dojo? do you try to find it just thorugh the techniques or is there focused mediatation practice.

did you join aikido for spirtual practice? if not are you interested in it now?
The level of spirituality at my club varies from student to student, which I think is as it should be, and there is no formalized meditation at my club, which I think is also as it should be.

Aikido, like any activity, is no more and no less spiritual than one makes it. I do look for opportunities in aikido to face my fear, my pain, and my insecurity, and to better understand how I interact with others. I do think these opportunities can provide me with tools for spiritual advancement, but I've never gone looking for any specific kind of "spiritual practice" in the dojo, and I think I'd regard any instructor as a quack who claimed to offer it.

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