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Re: Aikido and sparring: how to?

So, if you're sometimes the only aikidoka there, who are you learning from? Are there scheduled classes, or what's the story?

There can be a benefit to mixing it up with people from different styles, but what is it you're trying to do here? You're "sparring", if you want to call it that, against people who practice a different style and follow different rules (you follow rules too, don't kid yourself). You're getting frustrated because they're not being obliging and attacking you in ways that let you show off your aikido, and they're probably getting frustrated with you because you insist on attacking with hands to the face, which in Korean striking styles is not allowed in sparring matches. First figure out what it is you're trying to accomplish, then talk to your sparring partners and see if they are agreeable and if you can work out some mutually agreeable baseline rules that will make the practice worthwhile for both of you. If you just want to know how to be "effective" against Tang Soo Do practitioners when no one's really trying to hurt anyone and no one wants to get hurt, I suppose one approach is for both of you to walk out of the practice telling yourself that you won because in a REAL fight he/she wouldn't be able to etc. etc. etc. Maybe satisfying in the moment, but if you're there to try and learn something...a lot less so. In your place, I'd step back and try to figure out why you're there.

Another possibility is, if you show up and there's no one to teach you aikido, just fall in and learn Tang Soo Do. If you do that, though, be a Tang Soo Do student. Don't be the annoying guy who has to constantly disrupt the class saying, "Oh, in AIKIDO we..." and disrupting the class by not getting with the program.

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