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Re: Taichi and IP/IS

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no. dan's reply might be true, but not helpful. the OP asked if the local taiji at the YMCA worthwhile to try in helping him learn more on IP/IS. an answer of "highly unlikely" would be suffice, because folks who know both taiji and IP/IS are rare. instead, dan went on his usual spill about IP/IS and martial artists, i.e.

1. most martial artists, including high ranking, don't have much of a clue about IP/IS
2. find the teachers of IP/IS that have students who have demonstrable IP/IS skills
3. only very few teachers out there have the goods and most of them aren't/weren't westerners

personally, i think dan should just cut and paste that to all of his posts to save time.

We're on the inside looking out. No, it doesn't "sound" helpful. But, for those on the outside looking in, trying to find something that they didn't know they didn't know, it's a general rule of thumb to go by. And that is helpful.

It's like saying It Has To Be Felt (IHTBF) because IP/aiki is different. From the inside looking out, uh, duh. But prior to my experiences, just like Richard Stevens here, that advice seemed useless because I didn't know that I didn't know. From the outside, if you keep that advice in mind, you look for someone who doesn't move, feel, or act like all the rest of the martial artists you've trained with. You look for something ... different.

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