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Re: Taichi and IP/IS

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so we should walk away from aikido, right? since the old guy had it and none of his students were/are anywhere close to his level. simple logic, yes? same goes to aikijujutsu, judo, karate, and a whole host of arts, yes?
I still shake my head that people don't get it. None of us have ever said "Modern Aikido" or other arts are worthless and to walk away. In fact, Dan told everyone to stay in their art. There are around a million people practicing aikido and have found validity in it. There are hundreds of aikido teachers who have bits and pieces of the history of the founder. There are some aikido teachers who did get bits and pieces of IP/aiki. I'd guess that's true of the Chinese arts.

But, the fact remains that most of Modern Aikido lacks Ueshiba's aiki. Which brings us to the main point. If what you were looking for was Ueshiba's aiki, would *you* want to study 40 years with a teacher who had no students anywhere near his level? Now, you might find validity in other aspects of the art and want to train because of that. That's great. But if none of the long time students had any IP/aiki and that was what you were looking for, tell me, Phi, why would *you* stay there for 40 years looking around you and seeing no one had progressed? How about when you hear of other people pointing to several other teachers going, hey, this teacher has IP/aiki and his/her students have progressive levels of it?

The original poster asked about where he could go to help progress his skills in IP/aiki. Dan's reply is appropriate and true.
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