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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

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It's a number I recall very well...but I can't and don't have the time to find the source again for you to look at...sorry. Does it really matter?
Does it not? 350,000 or 10,000,000??? At least naming the source will shed some light on how you think.

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...And now you have to change your body, which will also change your subconciousness to be something..or that's what others will have you do....and that can go very wrong ....damaging both your mind and your body. what have you been doing with your mind and body?

Lee Price wrote: View Post
Now can you do that safely? if you can then go ahead and try if you will, but I wouldn't publisice it to anyone until you are well assured of their safety...and hence people have kept very very quiet. People need to think on this. We can easily see looking in a very limited way that people had lots of problems...and these are the ones you are allowed to see...think about that too.
The main reason for secrecy in this field has been the fighting advantage. If anything, rather than keep quiet about it, the Japanese would be more likely to spread misinformation to weaken potential opponents.

Everyone I know who's into this has cautioned people to be careful and think deeply about what they're doing. Aneurysm and stroke are but two of the potential results from wrong training. But in the aikido world, we already see enough megalomania to recognize that danger, as well.

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