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Re: Taichi and IP/IS

I disagree almost completely. I have trained with too many guys who lived in China and trained with top level Taiji people. They had zero understanding and no power and a supposedly correct "form."

When does someone "get" that they were never going to "get it" from a given teacher?
I think it is important....way more important.... to feel someones students to what ever level they trained with someone. If you are feeling someones students who trained with Mr. Bigshot for ten years and they feel like any other Tom, Dick or Mary...what the hell does that tell you?

I long ago stopped caring who trained with whom and for how long, and who does what or what their rank is. All I keep seem to be repeating these days is:
"Really?" So what happened to you?"

If the teacher has power, and none of his students do? Walk away.

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