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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

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In the case of Ueshiba, "martial power" was clearly a trivial matter to him in his latter decades. His focus was spiritual. And going back further, what is your explanation for the whole Omoto involvement? Why go to Mongolia? Why get involved in politics? The huge investment in personal time and energy he put into these things, at the expense of training his internal power, really indicates that the martial power aspect was a minor piece of the puzzle.

I would go so far as to say that a solo training / internal power training method cognate to what Ueshiba was doing, followed simply for the benefit of pushing oneself off of walls and avoiding joint-locks and such, is a far more degenerate version of what Ueshiba was doing than Aikikai Aikido.
The statements I outlined in bold are absurd.
1. Trivial matter?
Ueshiba practiced Internal power and displayed till the day he died. It was what all the push tests are about, as well as his solo training. Again -to point to the absurd- please point to any of his peers who ONLY practiced his spiritual pursuits who had any...any...unusual physical power. Beyond certain practices that offered physical training (as in certain chanting breath training) His spiritual pursuits had nothing to do with his physical power. It is a separate topic.
2. He put aside internal training for his spiritual practice and pursuits?
That is just more nonsense as in "it makes no sense." They can be-though not necessarily so- intertwined, and solo training was his daily practice which he everyone else who knows better, took with him. One does not discount the other

3. Degenerate?
Since the entire thrust of Ueshiba's solo regimen was for building power, since much of his personal demonstrations in latter life involve push tests displays of power you are essentially calling your own founders practices degenerate to his own art. And you don't even understand why or how.

Overall, I think the responses are damaging to your own cause and futures... and even unkind to the founders of your own arts. You're shooting yourselves in the foot and reducing your practice to external mechancis like every other lower level martial art, and missing his message almost entirely. There is so much more for you, if you would just follow what he discussed and actually did.
It won't leave you weird, or self absorbed, blind or with hair on the palms of your hands!

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