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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

Hya Mark

On first glance those would appear to be reasonable requests...however in reality they are not and no I won't give you information concerning much of that. While you seem to think it reasonable to carelessly spread forth your limited information.... I don't. Again I would say it's highly irresponsible when anyone and everyone can read what you've made a lot of mistakes already with your understanding of Japan and aikido...what other mistakes are you going to make? I pm'd you about this a while back...egotistically but friendly imho you chose to ignore and felt you were doing or knew something different....mmm...perhaps you are..but maybe you're not.

You don't seem to understand do you? in reality you are just another student my friend...and you don't have a true understanding of a lot of things. We're all just learning...trying to move forward in the best way we know..I understand that. Let it suffice to say that whilst in the morning light everything seems wonderful and rosy... as you progress through the day you can easily find yourself in the darkness. Do you really have a light?

Make of that what you will...or go and consider/study properly....seems you've read quite a lot but in wanting to promote yourself and other things, have given very little consideration to anything you're's not got a bit excited there didn't you : )
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