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Re: IS/IP Styles and results comparisons

Jamie Yugawa wrote: View Post
This kinda helps me to understand each art a little.
If you are interested to classify the work of Endo seishiro, I invite you to check out some more sources.
There is definitely dantian work. (Endo starts every class by pointing that out.)
There is work on body alignement.
There is work on a connected body. (Working on atari is done by working into one's own body. This is sometimes misunderstood.)
There is work on inyo ho.
And so on.

I admit that this is hardly to realize during his big seminars. Because he does not teach it explicitly. He wants the students to see it and feel it. This for me is the item that has to be compared to other teachers: When practicing with Endo you have to "steel" it. You have to observe him, to touch him, to feel him. And you get answers when you ask the right questions.
And he want's to be this way.
(While other teachers try to explain clearly what they do and give clear methods to learn what they do. So you get a chance to suck more clearly ... )

Endo's stuff can be explored more easy in his small seminars, where he explains more. Or even better during seminars of some of his nearer students. There you often find a clue to what he does.
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