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Re: How small is your aikido

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
It is my opinion that, with all safety and genuineness issues being appropriately addressed, ultimate skill and proficiency will be best demonstrated with a minimum of movement, and a maximum of correct posture, ma ai, tai sabaki and zanshin principles being applied.
Osu Sensei,

I have more than an inkling to who you are and therefore listen when your share your thoughts.

IMHO, and in agreement, I see a lot of teaching demonstration as big physical movement. Easier to see and imitate.

When I look at most of us hobbyist, I see mostly the big external movements, the outside circumference of the circle.

When I look at the skilled practitioner, I see the small inner center of circle even if its contained within the bigger outside circle.

Perhaps, the small center could always be there no matter how big the context requires the waza execution?

Any thoughts anyone?

Lynn Seiser PhD
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