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Mario Tobias
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Re: Difficult uke or bad technique?

Hi Mariska,

Looks like bad uke to me. Of course, uke always has the right to make it difficult for nage to do the technique but in this case there is a difference between

1) giving proper resistance,
2) reversing the technique, stopping the requested technique

these are 2 different practices. Both uke and nage need to understand first what kind of practice they want to do and agree. for 1) this practice is more for learning/understanding lines of forces and lines of least resistance. For a 4th or 3rd kyu I would assume the practice is more on 1). In this case uke should not attempt to reverse the technique but just give enough resistance to nage for nage to understand the technique and where it is most efficient for him to do the requested technique.

practice 2) is more for advanced aikidoka. If uke is trying to stop nage from doing the requested technique, then nage should attempt a different technique more suitable to uke's position at that moment.

It looks like in your case you are trying to practice 1) while your uke is trying to practice 2). Of course nothing will be learnt this way.

both practices achieve different outcomes. uke plays an important part. Unless both of you have mutual understanding of achieving either 1) or 2) then you will have difficulty practicing

If you are still having problems, ask uke to give you constant resistance and not reverse the technique if you want to practice 1). If you want to practice 2), ask uke if you have openings during the technique which he can take advantage of.

It is not bad technique in the sense that you do not yet understand the technique for a properly resisting partner. Moreso, it is much difficult to get the technique right for a partner stopping you from doing the technique so it is not your fault.

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