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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
When reading your post Jon, it leaves one with the impression that ....of course they would have to be "not normal"...because, well, after all normal people don't have the skills!
I didn't get that impression, but more to the point, I hope I didn't give that impression too.

Jon wrote:
What do we call people who play chess in their spare time? Nerds.
Speaking as a former King Nerd when I was in high school, those chess playing cats aren't generally very normal...and that's part of why I liked them so much.
I don't think "normal" is the issue so much as what causes anti-social behavior.

While it's certainly conjecture, I think there's a validity to the idea that a person like Sokaku Takeda, who experienced some of the most base aspects of humanity from an early age, benefitted greatly from his discipline...even if it was a discipline which fostered considerable personal power.
Anyhow, before I muck up any more threads with distracted to tend to my hungry boys.
Take care, all, and thank you for the great food for thought!

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