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Re: Taichi and IP/IS

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#1 is almost guaranteed to produce #2.
And if you find the good ones?
Experience keeps demonstrating that their students didn't get it-and are never-the-less convinced that they did!
I love...LOVE a quote given to me by a ICMA Chinese grandmaster taiji teacher.
"There are...only...CHINESE grandmasters." Implying that there will ONLY be Chinese grandmasters.
It's not a a very comfortable thing to hear, but for a short sentence, it say quite a lot!
Even if the instructor doesn't have the goods to deliver in terms of IP/IS, what if they're teaching Chansi Jin or Chansi Gong form? Would not knowing the basic form be something that could be played with after working with you or Sam or others with the goods to start developing IP/IS?

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