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Re: Difficult uke or bad technique?

Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
'New solutions' = possibly a different technique than the one you originally intended? I can see the benefit of learning to feel the attack and quickly find the most efficient and effective technique for a given attack...
This is of course ‘the easiest' solution and in application you are using it. However when technique is imposed by instructor you can't switch a technique all time you encounter some difficulty -- this way you will never deeply learn this particular technique.
Example of ‘new' solution: until today you were usually waiting to receive an attack. So when attack touches you, it is too late to apply a technique and you had a difficulty to do whatever…So you are forced to introduce a new dimension to your practice -- just before the attack touches you, you change position of your body in such way that it is you who is deciding how attacker ends his attack. Once such new concept is incorporated into your existing techniques, suddenly the context of interaction changed. Now you are able to deal more easy with ‘difficult' attacks.

Without practicing with ‘difficult' attacker you will never discover new dimension of the practice and will stay forever at very low, comfortable level of practice, because nothing push you to do it.
Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
'New Or the technique you meant to do, but done differently than you were originally doing it? I can also see the benefit of learning to feel the attack and figure out how to close holes and make a given technique work regardless of uke's attempts to counter or be difficult...
Yes, closing openings is a very direct benefice of such practice, but 99.99% of aikido population has no idea what ‘opening' is, as they practice over cooperated techniques. And they don't understand why they should close it, their uke will throw himself to the ground every time, regardless what Nage is doing.

Other direct benefice is to face ourselves under pressure, sometimes in dangerous situation and with a lot of adrenaline. So here you have a chance to take a look at yourself, and truly see who are you. You can observe your emotions, what choices you are doing and later you have a chance to think why you did it. Than you can look at your attacker and you may perceive he is also a human being struggling with very similar issues and in reality you both you are not such different…it helps a lot to get rid of usual dualistic perception of the reality…
These are a very basic first step on the Path…


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