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Re: Ueshiba the monomaniac?

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You really think that captures what these guys were doing with their lives? Obsessive-compulsive, consuming drive towards training for "martial strength" and power?

Is that why Ueshiba went to Mongolia to help found a utopia? Because he thought it was a path to internal power?

I think in Ueshiba's case, "martial power" was a trivial, childish goal as he got older. His training was aimed at becoming a conduit of the kami, and to that end his aim was to be able to attain a state of open awareness and a totally uncritical non-consciousness.
Is that why he personally chose to represent this "conduit of kami" in budo environments like the kodokan as men said "Hey try to throw this old man" and he tossed people and knocked them out, and he trained stabbing trees with a spear, and did endless "power displays" with his people?
This guy was a budo guy through and through. His prayer life and other things were his...OTHER..interests.
a. I contend they did not produce one iota of power
b. No one, anywhere has ever shown anyone who trained these religious methods and only trained those methods, who had any power. All present aikido spiritual people included.

As to why some Aikido teachers have reputations as brutes, two words: Imperial Army.
I disagree with this well. War has always been a way for whackos to practice their insanity. Recruiters know this and most responsible military organizations try to catch them and weed them out. People get messed up in a lot of ways. Trying to blame others when sourcing the reason for peoples behavior can be difficult.
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