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Re: How small is your aikido

Francis Takahashi wrote: View Post
Mary. If you have any inkling of who I am, you should realize that this is not a question you want to ask of me.

Better check with Mr. Yamada before going any further.


Francis Takahashi
I have an inkling of who you are, but I'm afraid no more than that, nor do I know of any personal history you may have with Yamada Sensei. I apologize if I stepped on your toes or stumbled into some sort of personal disagreement. My question was actually a very simple one and without any agendas which you may be perceiving, so I'll try just asking in a different way: given my limited powers of observation, it looks to me like Yamada Sensei's aikido is quite "large", but it also looks good to me. Am I wrong about either or both of these? If not, is this an exception to the rule of "small is better" that seems to be the intent of this thread?
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