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Re: Best Techniques for the Zombie Apocolypse

well, you didn't state if said zombie's are the classic shamblers or those new-fangled runners. Of course, everyone knows shamblers are the only real zombies, but it's best not to assume.

If it's just one, outwalk it and save your energy.

if it's a group, shamblers have worse balance than the typical aikidoka and also attack far more woodenly. You can just grab one by the arm and sliing it into the group. Chances are good they'll topple over and you can walk on, rinse and repeat as needed.

note: Careful with atemi to the face. A scraped knuckle on a tooth might as well be a bite. It's not worth the risk when pain and distraction aren't going to help.

note 2: Cardio, cardio, cardio.
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