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Lee Salzman
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Re: Taichi and IP/IS

Richard Stevens wrote: View Post
Would anyone recommend taking a general Taichi class in an attempt to improve body mechanics? Please excuse my ignorance if this is a ridiculous question. My local YMCA happens to have a Taichi class on the night my wife and I bring my son. Typically I just play basketball, but I figured it might be useful to join the class. Is there anything I should know or questions I should ask (lineage, etc.)?
I would beware that taichi has as much tendency to teach viable internals as aikido does (however you might wish to interpret that). Lineage won't tell you much either - there are plenty of guys coming back from China with only the outer form, but without the inner content. You have felt Howard, yes? So you have a basis for comparison. Go out and feel the guy and see what happens! If he is moving right, you know what it will feel like; if he is not, then well...
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