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Re: "Don't use strength!"

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In regards to that, I do think that day to day activity has us using flexion more. When we lift things, when we pull open a heavy door or pull a chair away from a table. The action of extending isn't quite as common, at least not in my daily life except for training.
I don't either -- and I do notice, since I started practicing aikido, that I've developed those extensor muscles much more than I had previously. Guess I must be "using strength"

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Relaxing and not using strength in doing aikido to me means not tensing muscles trying make something (technique) happen. If I tense anything, I impede my own movement. Doing ikkyo, for example, I try to relax my arms and even my hands when contacting uke in two places. It makes my movement much more fluid than if I grip hard, which sends tension up my extended arms and into my shoulders.
One other habit I think we carry from our daily activities is the tendency to grasp. I see it in myself and in others: the instinct to grab onto uke's wrist or arm or shoulder or whatever, pretty much as soon as it's presented and comes into range --- even in waza that don't call for us to grab it at all. Even when the technique calls for gripping at some point, I think most of us tend to do it much too soon, never mind too hard. But once you've grabbed, it's really hard to extend, isn't it?
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